DKMS is about promoting, assisting, printing and video. About reaching for new horizons.
We've several goals as we launch our site this year. First, we will be promoting authors and their works. Assisting writers with various resources to aid in crafting their works. Along with informative videos and writing program reviews.
We also offer printing services, for business and events, like invitations, business cards, stationary and more.

The site is currently being set up, so not all links or areas are functional. The items we are looking to focus on are:
To be honest, things will take time and we'll need funding to bring this project into reality. We're looking at ways to help secure the money needed to make it all happen. It's a new year and we are working hard to move forward.

The founders have found a few new members who are on board and ready to help. We can't wait for the site to grow and to reach the goals we've set for the project. The largest costs is due to none of the founders being website creators. But we've found a great person who's working with us. They're very reasonable about pricing, helping us organize so we can get more done in a shorter time period.
Here's to success in helping writers and other creative people.