This site is a work of passion. I love stories! So I wanted to create a place to promote ebook authors who's stories I found touching, comical, intense, amazing and entertaining. I read every ebook reviewed on the site. I create every page on this site myself.
The software and reference ebooks I recommend are those I've used myself. Some I'm not too good at, or use now and then. But I hope someone will find them useful.

The site will likely be under construction forever, there are so many books I want to read, that I'll always be updating with more reviews, add more ebooks and get more authors added too. Some of the areas I'll try to be working on soon:

To be honest, this will take time, not only because I'm the only one wearing all the hats, but because I'm visually disabled and some mobility issues. My energy isn't unlimited. I have to sleep, eat and do stuff besides this, so things will take a while to update. I'm also reading/listen to ebooks so I can add them, review them and research the author to gather contact information. I have a large screen, but I can't stress my eyes too much or I get headaches. Each page takes a while, so I'll work on the site as much as I'm able.

I love writing stories myself and hope I'll be able to get them uploaded to Kindle some day. Trouble is life tends to be more rough seas than smooth sailing so I may have to figure out some way to get a bit to help out.
I've been told to create a Patreon site, I need to free up some time to figure out how it works soon. Maybe later when I'm working on my own ebooks. Or maybe I can add a donation link to help pay for the cost of hosting. I'm looking into as many options as I can. I'll figure something out, eventually.

I can't wait to add more authors, write more reviews and offer more ebooks as I find/finish them. Thanks so much for dropping in to visit my site.